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Traces: Plankton on the Move

Collaboration with Susanne Menden-Deuer and Elizabeth Harvey. Elizabeth Harvey of the Menden-Deuer Oceanography lab at the University of Rhode Island recorded moving Favella plankton. Using her basic filming as a starting point, this video show tracks of where the individuals are going and where they have been, creating new meaning and relationships out of the initial video. Music by Jerry Fishenden adds to the stimulus to “swim with the plankton.”



2014 Under the Viaduct: West Harlem Art Fund New York NY July

2013 Artspace, City-wide Open Studios, New Haven CT, October

2013 Art Gallery, SIGGRAPH2013 (peer reviewed group exhibition) Anaheim CA July

2013 solo exhibition: Kraft Center for Jewish Life, Columbia/Barnard, New York NY February

Reviews, Press, Publications

2014 Traces in DiVA, The Society for Art and Science Tokyo, Japan pp. 11-12 Vol.35 April 2014

2013 Jewish Artists Pushing The Tech Frontier, Talia Levin, The Jewish Week New York NY Dec 18

2013 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery special issue MIT Press, Cambridge MA July

2012 NSF Newsfeed: …URI Scientists: Marine Plants Can Flee to Avoid Predators, October 1 Presentations

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