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Other Recent Works

Works created outside of the primary ongoing focus of current work. Usually these works are created in response to a themed open call, stimulating exploration in new directions.

Genesis: Everything was Created, Everything Existed

Archival Digital Print. Variable dimensions ©2020

Upcoming Exhibition

Genesis: the Beginning of Creativity

2023 Exhibition curated by Richard McBee, Joel Silverstein, Claire Marie Pearman and Jewish Art Salon advisors

Carpentras Womens’ Window

Archival Digital Print. Variable dimensions ©2018


The Invisible Jew
Detour Gallery Red Bank, NJ curated by Yona Verwer and Goldie Gross for the Jewish Art Salon

Nasty Woman: Dottie Ruthberg Levine



Nasty Women Connecticut
Institute Library, large group exhibition organized by Luciana McClure in response to comments during Presidential debate, 2016

Dottie Levine was my grandmother’s sister

Copyright © Cynthia Beth Rubin
All rights reserved.