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Medievel Plankton and the Four Humors

Medievel Plankton and the Four Humors

Thanks to the Oxford Gallery of Rochester NY for inspiring this image.  Each year the gallery director, James Hall, comes up with a challenge for the gallery artists.  This year he challenged us to work with the theme of the Four Humors.

Because the idea of the Four Humors stems from early medicine, I turned to a Medieval Hebrew Manuscript as a source of inspiration, mixing the motifs of the era with my own captures of plankton. Of particular interest was the way in the plankton became to take on the character of the medieval decorative faces – the same lifelike haunting spirituality of the Middle Ages.


2014 E3 curated by Linda Griggs,
Fountain Art Fair, New York, NY

2013 Four Humors: Gallery Artists,
Oxford Gallery Rochester NY


Private Collection, Miami Florida


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All rights reserved.