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Layered Histories

linear version of interactive work

Collaboration with Bob Gluck.

Layered Histories tells the imaginary story of an actual 13th century Spanish illuminated Hebrew Bible. Fleeing Spain with the 1492 Expulsion, the Bible was known to be in Safed until the mid 16th century, but then apparently disappeared until it was discovered around 1888 in the Bibliothèque Municipale in Marseilles.

Layered Histories represents an innovative approach to the use of new media as a means to engage the viewer in a personal investigation of a non-linear narrative based on the known and unknown wanderings of the Marseilles Bible, and reflecting on the experience of culture as a phenomenon evolving from influences of place and cross-cultural contact. This is a linear version of an interactive work, in which the viewer triggers the non-linear narrative.

Selected Screenings:

2008 Multichannel, ARTSway, Sway, Hampsire UK

2007 LOGOS Foundation, Tetrahedron Concert Hall, Ghent, Belgium

2006 The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave, New Delhi, India 2005 Pixel Pops! City Gallery, New Haven CT

2004 SIGGRAPH Animation Art Show, Los Angeles CA

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