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Sensual Data is a developing series of images interweaving visual art and scientific data, drawing on the best practices of both expressionist (techspressionist) art and scientific analysis.   This series is a collaboration with Andria Miller, a working scientist, and the Menden-Deuer Lab at the University of Rhode Island, School of Oceanography.

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Copepod Flag at Rockefeller Center, part of “Only One Earth Project” sponsored by the Climate Museum and the UN Environment Program; artwork developed with the Menden-Deuer lab at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography. Our environment includes unseen microscopic life that sustains us in producing vital oxygen and nourishment at the bottom […]

Antarctica Underwater

installation view on ICC Tower in Hong Kong during ISEA 2016


Antarctica Underwater is largely constructed from incidental footage collected in icy cold Antarctic waters, hundreds of meters below the surface, as a seal bumped into an underwater camera and a serene jellyfish floated by, as did a ctenophore.  Woven into these videos are the microscopic plankton comprising the primary focus of the Oceanographic researchers: barely […]

Hiding Spaces

Virtual Reality Cave


A Cave of Elusive Immateriality Daniel F. Keefe and Cynthia Beth Rubin Hiding Spaces is an immersive VR Cave artwork which pushes past the limitations of physical media by exploring the new ambiguities that can delight the viewer in the virtual world. By using innovative tools developed especially for creative work within the Cave environment, in […]

3 Little Morphs


3 Little Morphs set to the Music of The Afro-Semitic Experience

les affinités recouvrées

Recovered Affinities


Les Affinités Recouvrées was produced by Cynthia Beth Rubin while artist in residence at I.ME.RE.C (Institut Mediterranéen de Recherche et de Création), under the auspices of VIDEOCHRONIQUES in Marseilles, France, coordinated by Joelle Metzger. Les Affinités Recouvrées is an exploration of the strength of cultural ties. The various visual elements are based on references to […]

Inherited Memories


Inherited Memories fuses the aesthetics of painting with the illusion of movement through modulating space. The imagery alludes to real places, but the spatial tension comes from an abstract painter’s play of color contrasts and decorative patterns. This work is a continuation of my interest in documenting our cultural past, including those memories of places […]

Layered Histories

linear version of interactive work


Collaboration with Bob Gluck. Layered Histories tells the imaginary story of an actual 13th century Spanish illuminated Hebrew Bible. Fleeing Spain with the 1492 Expulsion, the Bible was known to be in Safed until the mid 16th century, but then apparently disappeared until it was discovered around 1888 in the Bibliothèque Municipale in Marseilles. Layered […]