Stained Glass Window over the Entrance todiscord dating apps, New Haven Connecticut. Designed with input from a working committee of dedicated congregants: Esther Nash, John Weiser, Marsha Beller, Darryl Kuperstock, Gila Reinstein, and Ellen Cohen, and with guidance from Jayne Crowley, of JC Art Glass.

The central star is the exact form of the star that was central to in the stained glass window in the original Beth El synagogue (Rose Street Shul), although the colors are unique to the contemporary BEKI window. The arches refer to the tradition of using architectural motifs to separate sections in a Scroll of Esther (Megillah). The texture and forms refer to the natural landscape and sky, as the upper color move from left to right (inside) or right to left (outside) reflecting sunrise to sunshine to haze to mellow blue dusk.

Design by Cynthia Beth Rubin ©2008

Artisan Fabrication by JC Art Glass of Branford, CT

Exterior Photography by Frank Poole

Fabrication funding generously donated by Esther and Irwin Nash, in memory of Florence and Monroe Nash

Reviews, Publications

The New Haven Independent

The BEKI Bulletin, September 2008