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Antarctica Underwater

Antarctica Underwater is largely constructed from incidental footage collected in icy cold Antarctic waters, hundreds of meters below the surface. While oceanographers were gathering specimens and data, a seal bumped into an underwater camera, and a serene jellyfish floated by, as did a ctenophore. The five to ten second vignettes were like phrases waiting to be put into a coherent sentence, not yet carrying full weight, but promising to stir curiosity and compassion.

This project-in-progress includes a video produced for the Hong Kong Open Sky project (ISEA 2016) and a short color video in development.  More to come! 

link to simulated video installation

live video on the ICC in Hong Kong is here

Working Version in Color
Music by Bob Gluck

included in the
ISEA 2016 Hong Kong Open Sky Gallery

Simulated Video (clearer)

Recorded live
(on youtube)

Music by Bob Gluck

 is a visual art program on the world’s tallest LED screen: Hong Kong’s ICC building read more here:

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