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Cynthia Beth Rubin’s work flows across many forms of new media, including prints, videos, and interactive works. As an early adopter of digital imaging, she transitioned from drawing and painting in the early 1980’s; recently direct gesture drawing has crept back into her digital art. Based in New Haven, her studio practice extends to New York City, Narragansett RI and beyond.

Rubin is artist-in-residence in the Menden-Deuer lab at the University of Rhode Island, School of Oceanography, thus her practice includes participation at weekly lab meetings with scientists studying the habits and habitats of plankton and their predators. Recent prints and videos produced in collaboration with the lab explore the question of how we bring empathy, awareness, and curiosity to the unseen or rarely seen life of the ocean and of microscopic life.

Since the pandemic, Rubin has been experimenting with combining plankton with medieval Hebrew Manuscripts, drawing on research she undertook in the late 1980s in exploring the motifs of cultural distinction in a tradition of ongoing commentary, reinterpretation, and embellishment. Today she considers how the unknown meanings implied in the layered text interrelate with the unknown in science, but also she simply is impressed by the similarities in pattern and form between microscopic life and decorative patterns developed hundreds of years ago.

Rubin’s prints, videos, and interactive works have been shown on the ICC tower facade in Hong Kong, the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Cotton Club screen in Harlem, the State Museum in Novosibirsk, the ICA in London, and the Jerusalem Biennale, and numerous international festivals featuring digital art, such as ISEA and SIGGRAPH. Her video les affinités recouvrées (Recovered Affinities) was featured opening night of multiple Jewish Film Festivals in 1995 (San Francisco, Boston). 

A three-time recipient of grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, Rubin has also been awarded international artist residencies and grants from sources as diverse as the Videochroniques (Marseilles) and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

Rubin is a native English speaker. She also speaks French.
Rubin parle l’anglais (lange natale) et français.

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