Useful Digital Skills for Artists

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Web Skills

Preparing to Author a Web Site

Cynthia Beth Rubin

1. Practice making Two Linking pages without Images.

  • Open up Dreamweaver, Netscape Composer, or another authoring software.
  • Experiment with Typing in Text, and changing Sizes
  • Experiment with Changing Background Colors and Text Colors

  • Create Link between the two pages

  • Open the pages in Netscape or Explorer to see them! Click between the pages.

Follow instructions to Practice On this Page (click here)

2. Outline the Content of the Site

  • Web sites are easy to change; do not worry too much about planning your first site
  • Make a list of categories that you would like to include.

  • Make a list of images that you would like to include.

3. Begin to Brainstorm the Layout of the Site

Some web people prefer to Begin in Photoshop in Photoshop or ImageReady

  • The Advantage of Beginning in Photoshop is that Special Headings and Images can be Transformed right in Photoshop.
  • The Disadvantage of working too long in Photoshop is that it can be frustrating to translate the site.

  • With a site taken from existing Print Media, it may be easier to move quickly into Web Construction software (Pagemill, Dreamweaver, Adobe Go-live).

4. Look at Examples of Simple Sites

Simplicity and Creativity can go a long way in making your first site effective!

Keep it clean -- you can learn fancy techniques later