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Cynthia Beth Rubin

Simplifying Images in Photoshop

Simple Flat Images work well on the Web as GIFs because they load quickly.

1. Open an Image in Adobe Photoshop

  • Immediately Give it a New Name
  • Go to FILE, down to SAVE AS
  • Save it as a .psd (leave the suffix in the title: bark.psd)

Give your image a nice easy SHORT name, without fancy symbols and NO slashes (/)

2. Try Filters that Simplify (such as Cutout under Artistic)

Caution: Filters can produce trite results quickly - use them wisely!

Examples of Artistic Filters



artistic filter with web color palette



artistic filter with adaptive color palette



3. Experiment with Transforming your Image in other way

  • Posterize your Image:
    • Under EDIT go down to Posterize
    • Put in a small number of levels (4)
    • Hit "OK"
    • Edit the Colors

  • Threshold your Image:
    • Under EDIT go down to Threshold
    • The Levels Dialogue Boz will appear
    • Move the arrows around until you have a Black and White Line Drawing that makes sense for your image.