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Correcting Distortions in Photographs

Cynthia Beth Rubin

1. Distorted views can be slightly corrected in Photoshop and ImageReady by using the Distort Function.



 original image  corrected image


Go to Select All, then to Edit in the Menu, then down to TRANSFORM


2. Choose DISTORT.
Avoid "Perspective" and rely on your own sense of perspective.


  • Adjust the viewing area so that you see the full image, and then pull down on lower right box so that a gray matte surrounds your image.

  • Pull on the little boxes until the image looks straighter. You can pull into the gray matte area.

  • If you would like a ruler line to guide you, go under View, and then down to show Rulers.

    • Choose the move tool in the toolbox (upper right), and pull on the inside of the ruler.

    • You will get a guide line that you can drag to a key point in your image.


  • Under FILE, go Down to SAVE.
  • Get in the Habit of SAVING as you go along